La Bonne Crêpe is a French institution that has been serving its delicious crepes since 1979 on the most famous avenue in Fort Lauderdale.

La Bonne Crêpe

Our mission for "La bonne crêpe" is to bring the theme of creperie up to date, and to transform the tasting of sweet and savory crepes into a moment of great conviviality and this, at the best price/pleasure ratio.

It is not only a matter of serving each customer first-class crepes and pancakes, but also of providing them with a successful experience of conviviality and sharing.

This experience is based first and foremost on the quality and originality of the dishes offered, a rigorous selection of products, a production on demand,... but also on the general atmosphere of the restaurant, contemporary and warm thanks to a modern architectural design, a quiet and well-sounding room, a welcome by a smiling and motivated team.

It is a universally known product, a flagship product of French gastronomy.

It is also a product that can be consumed at any time of the day.